Bucket List Adventures with Revo

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford

Travel in SoCal and a great pair of Sunglasses go hand in hand. You would be sorely disappointed if you toured our sunny coast or ventured through one of the many National Parks without your shades. I have learned to appreciate my glasses and I benefit from their use each day. Therefore, my choice of brand is important to me. So, when this SoCal native was planing a year of bucket list adventures the first thing I started researching were the right sunglasses!  I was first introduced to the Revo brand sunglasses at the Kia Classic LPGA tour event - it was love at first sight - the Relay Rose Gold Glasses are pure art! On top of the aesthetic appeal the pros wear these on the course through hours of play and they never shifted off their face or fall out of place. As a mom on the go I can't tell you how many times I have had glasses just fall off my while I was looking down helping a child! I knew right away I needed to test drive the Revo brand.

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford

Once I discovered the brand I did a little investigating and not only did I discover Revo had some of the most fashion forward style but that the same UV protection coating used for their lenses are also used to protect satellite dishes in space! I figured if it's good enough for NASA how could I object! 

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford

I was fortunate enough to try three styles from Revo and I have to admit it was hard to pick a favorite but I do find myself lovingly clutch my Relays with Champagne Lenses for everyday use, the style and comfort was excellent. I first ventured out with my shades on a trip to Ireland- the Green Bradley's were a MUST! Now... Ireland is green and lush but with my Revo glasses it was so intensely beautiful I had my husband share my glasses- with the Huddie Stayle being uni-sex it worked out great! My favorite memory with my green shades is our beach ride on horse back near the cliffs of Moher. Never once did my glasses slip or move they were the perfect riding companion.

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford Next on our bucket list adventures we took on Paris, here my Blush (pink) mirrored Barclays were the perfect fit. With comfort pads on the brim and an understated shade of pink -  I could not recommend a better fit. I also loved wearing my Aviators here, it seemed like part of the Parisian uniform for the locals.

  ​Photo by Elizabeth Bickford Lastly, we are ending out our trip in Puerto Vallarta. Shades and sun are a perfect match. Here my Aviators were my sun bathing partner as we unwound from our travels this year! I am so thankful for such a great selection of glasses that so know are doing the best to protect my eyes, make me comfortable, and look great!

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford

I highly recommend checking out the Revo brand! They make great travel companions and amazing gifts!

Disclaimer: I received the product free of charge to complete the review but all opinions and statements are my own.

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