Candytopia in Santa Monica

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford

The guarded doors to Candytopia look delicious and exclusive - two of my favorite things!! Once inside the main door you are immediately transported to a land of candy!

I attended the exhibit with my two daughters ages six and eight. Times were booking up quickly and we had to plan this visit one week in advance. The selfie friendly candy world was not a disappointment, we entered the first room and were introduced to the creator (Jackie Sorkin) and the rules of the exhibit. There was no tasting of the art (I thought that went without saying but you never know) and they recommended taking one candy sample per room. One sample per person per room was more than enough! I recommend bringing a bag or purse to store all your treats! 

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford

Feel free to take your time in each room - we stayed to the back of the group and really had quality time with each installation. Every room was very different and it was worth the effort to explore the spaces. Don't be shy if you need help with a photo - there are people to help in every room.

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford

If I had to pick a favorite room I would have to say its a tie between Trolli and Marshmallows...sorry but so true! I loved the Trolli room - the colors are amazing and so vibrant! I have to admit the Pig and Unicorn love story was strange at first but it made for a fantastic photo worthy space! It was hard not to enjoy the Marshmallow pit - you are given a time limit on this room so get to the photos first. After taking the buried and "falling in" photos don't forget to enjoy and have fun!

Photo by Elizabeth Bickford

Overall, I would say this was a great experience - with the cost being approx. $30 per person I would say the number of photos make up for it. I have more than enough photos to last me for weeks of new posts! However, if the budget is tight I would suggest having an exit strategy set up for leaving Candytopia - it exits through a giant candy store! If you are with kids maybe set a price limit - we opted for rock candy for only $1.  We immediately made a direct line to get some protein to combat the sugar coma that was sure to follow - but so worth it!

Review was based on a complimentary visit and all opinions expressed are my own.

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